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Dawn Furness: Co-Chair of Green Party Women

I am a scientist/researcher, musician and filmmaker. My work uses narrative film as a means to highlight difficult and political issues. My current work focuses on the intersection of women’s rights and climate change. I have been a lifelong activist and a staunch campaigner for the rights of women and girls.

I joined the Green Party in 2014 when UKIP began to make inroads into the region, targeting the most deprived areas. In primary school I successfully campaigned to have sex-segregated music classes (in a mixed-sex state school) following disruptions from other students, and have been annoyingly active ever since.

I have organised and spoken at Women’s Rights events both within and outside the Green Party. In Sep 2018, myself and a colleague organised a Woman’s policy debating group established at the regional conference, in which we highlighted concerns to women members that were not being discussed at a wider Green Party Level. Subjects included Pornography, Prostitution and Self ID.

Having spent many years in teaching, I have a thorough understanding of Safeguarding issues and was concerned at delays in adopting policy. I am staggered that GPEW has no Women’s Policy and have submitted motions to conference to address that glaring oversight. I will continue to do so until GPEW recognises the protected characteristic of sex and acknowledges misogyny as a hate crime.

I stood as the PPC for Blyth Valley 2015 and 2017 General elections and as an MEP in 2019. I also ran the election campaign across the North-East region. I believe we are at a very divisive time in British politics and robust debate is the only way to resolve our differences and move forward to tackle global climate change. I am happy to discuss anything in public, providing basic rules of etiquette and civility are observed. I am the newly elected Local Party Support officer on GPEx.

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