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Nicola Watson: Green Party Women Treasurer

 I joined the Ecology Party in 1984 when I was living in Stockport.  I became a more active member when I moved to Sheffield in 1988 and took on the role of Secretary and started attending Conference.  We stood a candidate in the European Elections in 1989 - the year when the Green Party gained 15% of the vote but no MEPs.

I have held a number of roles in the Green Party locally and nationally.  I served one term of 3 years as Conference Co-ordinator on GPEx during the period when we gained one member of the Scottish Assembly, two MEPs and three London Assembly members.  Some years later, I served two terms on Regional Council, as Co-Chair for most of that time.

I always put sustainability at the heart of all my interests and campaigning priorities in the Party  - although proportional representation is a close second. I consider myself to be a team player and believe that the Green Party is the only one bold enough to tell the public the seriousness of climate change and offer the policies needed to halt it.

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