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Newsletter 29-05-20


Newsletter - 29 May 2020

Building a 'phone tree'. Identify 5 people outside your GPW network who agree to SHARE social media content (not just like it). #GPWPhoneTree!There are only 4 weeks for local councils to access the £2 Billion Emergency Action Travel Funding (EATF) Indicative Allocation. This, together with the Emergency Traffic Orders, issued on 23 May, will eschew in a  'new era' of walking and cycling measures to relieve pressure on public transport. As a group we need co-ordinated pressure on local councils to make the best use of the funding. Now is the time for action! In association with GPEx Campaigns officer (Britta Goodman) we are developing a campaign structure and assets to be launched next week. But we need people to push it out through their communication channels - update coming soon!


Sunday 31 MAY 2020 - GPW are holding another online conference lead by exceptional Women. Click here to register for this Sunday's zoom session.

We look at the impact of inner-city traffic congestion on our lives with Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah, asthma awareness campaigner, and GPW newly appointed Spokeswoman on air pollution. Cambridge University have just published a new paper providing evidence of the link between Covid-19 deaths and air pollution. We discuss the impact of the research with co-author, Rebeka Popovic and fellow MRC Toxicology Department colleague, Dr. Lisa Skelly. We discuss which sources were contributing most to levels of these air pollutants in England and the importance of strengthening efforts to tighten air pollution regulations.

Save the date - Next online conference Sunday 28 JUN 2020 (time t.b.c. but probably around 12-ish).



Rosamund set up the Ella Roberta Family Foundation after the death of her beloved daughter in 2013 from a rare and severe form of asthma. The aim of the Foundation is to improve the lives of children affected by asthma in South East London by raising awareness of asthma, campaigning for better treatment of asthma and campaigning for clean air as it is everyone’s fundamental right to breathe clean air.


Rebeka is a PhD student at the MRC Toxicology Unit. Her PhD project explores molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration in a fruit fly model of Parkinson’s disease. She graduated from Kings College London with a MSc in Neuroscience and from University of Surrey with a BSc in Biochemistry.


Liza joined the MRC Toxicology Unit (University of Cambridge), after completing her PhD in air pollution toxicity at Imperial College, London. Her research explores why and how air pollutants cause harm to the body, focusing on the biological changes that they create in the lungs as well as their role in promoting airway infections. Carrying out regular public engagement work, she hopes to raise awareness of these harmful pollutants.


11:00-12:00 Saturday 6 JUN 2020

With Claudine Letsae. Explore the benefits of the ancient practice of Yoga from the comfort of your own living, kitchen or bedroom in your PJs and Pants!* 40 mins Yoga + 20 mins meditation session (recurring weekly session). Join the zoom here.

*ADMIN. NOTICE Please wear at least pants!

2020-04-26 GPW CONFERENCEImage

Catch up on the last online sessions (if you missed them) via our dedicated GPW YouTube Channel, here. Or find out more about our speakers, below.


11:00-12:30 Sunday 14 JUN 2020

With Baroness Natalie Bennett. and  Learn how to craft a professional communication from former Guardian Editor and Peer of the Realm in this interactive online session. Booking opens soon. ADMIN NOTICE Yes we know she is vastly over-qualified to do this, but she offered.