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Wed 28-10-20 20:00 – 21:30 GPW Book Club

Join us on Zoom for a coffee (or wine) and a chat about all things Green literature.

The Cut by Hibo Wardere
Imagine for a moment that you are 6-years-old and you are woken in the early hours, bathed and then dressed in rags before being led down to an ominous looking tent at the end of your garden. And there, you are subjected to the cruellest cut, ordered by your own mother. Forced down on a bed, her legs held apart, Hibo Wardere was made to undergo female genital cutting, a process so brutal, she nearly died.
Eloquent and searingly honest, this is Hibo's memoir which promises not only to tell her remarkable story but also to shed light on a medieval practice that's being carried out in the 21st century, right on our doorstep. FGM in the UK has gone undocumented for too long and now that's going to change. Devastating, empowering and informative, this book brings to life a clash of cultures at the heart of contemporary society and shows how female genital mutilation is a very British problem.

The link to join us for the book club will be in our forthcoming newsletter.

The book can be bought for around £7.00 - £9.00 from a range of outlets, or you may be able to borrow it from the library. It is also available on Audible (at the moment audible has an offer to listen for free for 30 days for new customers)