Green Women in Action – Catherine Bunting

Photograph of Catherine Bunting.
Catherine Bunting, Wycombe Green Party Candidate. #GetGreensElected

Catherine Bunting, like many of our other wonderful Green Party Women members, is working hard to secure Green votes. She features here as part of our celebration of the women who are standing as parliamentary candidates for the Green Party.

Catherine is a campaigner for environmental and social justice. She has been a Green Party Councillor on Great Missenden Parish Council since May 2021. She is currently standing as the parliamentary candidate (PPC)for Wycombe in the 2024 General Election.

Catherine advocates for ‘truth and kindness‘ and works hard on local projects to create a greater sense of community cohesion and support.  As a local councillor she often takes on case work for residents. She is always happy to speak up for people and the planet.

She believes we need to get back to basics. That means clean rivers, clean air, warm houses, affordable energy, public transport that works, and being able to feel good about ourselves!

You can download and read more about Catherine in the leaflet below. Remember if you are in Wycombe VOTE CATHERINE!

Is your local candidate a woman? Do email us at or DM us on Twitter if you would like us to promote her.

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