Here you will find all current Green Party Women events including our latest Campaign Events, Book Club and Green Witchers. Revisit this page frequently to keep up to date with our latest activities.

Training Sessions

Understanding and Overcoming Unconscious Bias

May 20, 2024 6.30pm
Hamza Egal, EEDI Manager for The Green Party will be joining us again to lead this training session. The training will begin with an explanation of unconscious bias and will go on to look at examples of unconscious bias; its impact; strategies for overcoming unconscious bias and will finish with a look at next steps and the sharing of resources.

The session will last for an hour and a half.

Green Party Women Book Club

June 4, 2024 (7:00 PM – 8:00 PM)

Book club is a friendly, informal club. All members of Green Party Women are welcome and there’s no obligation to have finished (or even to have read!) the book. You can still come along and enjoy the conversation.

Green Witchers, our friendly birding club

May 14, 2024 (7:00 PM – 8:00 PM)

Our guest speaker will be Celia Coram who be giving a talk on,” The Importance of local activism in protecting and Supporting nature”.   Celia is convenor of the Green Party’s Wildlife & Habitats Policy Working Group but she is also involved in other projects in the area where she lives, Hackney in London, to protect wildlife and campaigns to keep space for nature in an urban area.  Her talk will cover her own experience, other examples of projects and encourage others to get involved in their own areas, whether they be urban or countryside.  


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