About Us

Green Party Women is an affiliate group of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Our aim is to help women to do green politics better.  Networking, training and help with funding to attend Conference, or other events, where lack of childcare or transport costs are a barrier.

The Green Party is growing.  We have a member of Parliament, Caroline Lucas, two members of the House of Lords, Jenny Jones and Natalie Bennett and three members of the London Assembly, Sian Berry, Caroline Russell and Zack Polanski.

In addition, we have almost 500 hundred Councillors in District and Unitary Authorities and Parish Councils.

The Green Party are proudly feminist, and unlike other major political parties in the UK, the majority of our leading politicians are women. We have rules ensuring gender balance within our leadership (including for our Welsh Party), our regional and Parliamentary candidates, and for the chairs of our regional council and Young Greens.

A copy of the current Green Party Women constitution can be found here:
Green Party Women Constitution, last amended October 2021.

Green Party Women Committee 2020/21

  • Tina Rothery (Co-Chair)  co-opted
  • Vacant    Co-Chair)
  • Nicola Watson (Treasurer)
  • Alex Geddis & Julia Lagoutte (Secretary)
  • Vacant  (Membership Secretary)
  • Mandy Vere (Non portfolio)
  • Vacant (Non portfolio)
  • Lucy Watson & Nicole Haydock (Non Portfolio)