The campaigns we support tackle issues that matter to women and the environment. Here is a selection of the campaigns we are currently supporting:

50s Women CEDAWinLAW campaign

Image of lady justice. Green Party Women Supporting #50sWomen #CEDAWinLAW

Green Party Women as part of our aim to #RaiseWomensVoices are supporting the 50s Women CEDAWinLAW campaign. You can read about the campaign in our blog post and how we intend to support it. You can also show your individual support for the campaign by signing this petition calling on the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions to attend settlement talks re ALL #50sWomen!

Zane’s Law Campaign

Photograph of Zane Gbangbola inspiration for Zane's Law and the Truth About Zane campaigns

Zane’s Law‘ proposes measures to address the crisis of contaminated land in the UK, prioritising the protection and safety of people and planet, and the human right to a healthy environment above all other considerations. Find out about the campaign and sign the petition to make landfill sites safe.

Restore Nature Now Campaign

Green Party Women are supporting the Restore Nature Now campaign and have pledged to march on Saturday June 22, 2024. Come along and join us and help send a message to our politicians that the natural world is in trouble and that we and them need to take action now! Also, if you pledge to join us on the march and would like to feature in our social media campaign promoting it, please send us a landscape photo, your name and membership status to .

Pregnant then Screwed CAMPAIGN

We believe in a world where women are not judged for the contents of their womb, or the hours they work, or the fact that they have porridge in their hair and smell of sudocrem, but for their skills and talents. Find out more about the Pregnant Then Screwed campaign.

Women in Prison CAMPAIGN

The Women in Prison campaign was born out of the anger its founder Chris Tchaikovsky and how she felt about what she saw when imprisoned in HMP Holloway. The campaign supports women affected by the criminal justice system & campaign to end the harm of prison to women, their families & communities. Find out more about the Women in Prison campaign.

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