Green Women in Action – Tina Rothery

Tina Rothery. Blackbool North and Fleetwood Green Party Candidate. #GetGreensElected

Green Party Women are highlighting their dedicated members working to secure Green votes in the 2024 General Election. Today, we spotlight our very own ‘Fracking NanaTina Rothery, the Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for Blackpool North and Fleetwood in Lancashire.

Tina is a Co-chair of Green Party Women and a vocal advocate against the shale gas industry. She is running for a fair political system and a healthier environment. Her campaign focuses on community well-being, including:

  • Ensuring a healthy, non-toxic environment
  • Providing access to healthcare and dental services
  • Guaranteeing the ability to heat homes and afford food
  • Offering decent care for elders and those in need
  • Creating opportunities and activities for youth, alongside fair wages and pensions for them to look forward to

If elected as MP for Blackpool North and Fleetwood, Tina will:

  • Address health threats from landfill, polluted seas, and rivers
  • Challenge Parliament to tax the wealthiest to stop the cost of living crisis
  • Advocate for the dignity and care of elders and those needing support
  • Promote green jobs in transport, renewables, and insulation
  • Tackle the lack of youth services and opportunities
  • Hold governing bodies accountable for their failures

Tina says:

“We deserve politicians who stand up for us and defend our rights, not just ‘toes the party line. For too long, we’ve endured an undemocratic voting system that has us voting for the ‘least awful’ at each election time. It is time for genuine change.

Families here and everywhere deserve better than the old world politics that have failed to serve us. Try something new this time. Don’t let the strangulation of a 2 party system hold your vote hostage.”

Learn more about Tina’s campaign and her vision for Blackpool North and Fleetwood on her Facebook page and X account.

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