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Nataly Anderson Woking Green Party Candidate #GetGreensElected

Meet Nataly Anderson, one of the inspiring Green Party Women, tirelessly working to secure Green votes. We proudly celebrate the incredible women standing as parliamentary candidates for the Green Party.

Nataly is currently standing as the parliamentary candidate (PPC)for Woking in the 2024 General Election.

Having grown up in Woking, she knows the area and its people like the back of her hand.

Nataly joined the Green Party in 2019, drawn by its sensible, humane, and holistic approach that prioritises both human and environmental wellbeing. With 30 years of experience in the public and private sectors, she is also a renowned campaigner for children and families.

In 2023, Nataly’s dedication to human rights was recognised when she was elected to the Policy Council of Liberty. Her passion doesn’t stop there; she is determined to halt privatisation in our public sector and is a vocal advocate for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Nataly is also calling for urgent reform of the family court system and promises to make it a top priority if elected.

Get to know more about Nataly Anderson and her vision by listening to her opening speech at the Woking hustings on Facebook.

Nataly says:

Stand with me to fight for clean politics and a healthy society.

Work with me to reclaim our human and legal rights in our interactions with public bodies. Public officials must represent the common good, not their own business interests.”

You can follow Nataly’s campaign and her vision for Woking on her Facebook page and X account.

And remember, if you are in Woking, VOTE NATALY!

Photograph of Nataly Anderson's Election Leaflet

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