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Emma Bateman: Co-Chair of Green Party Women

Emma Bateman
Co-Chair of
Green Party Women

I have been a member of the Green Party for around a decade, though until recently I was not actively involved, but I am certainly looking forward to getting stuck in now. Most of my previous political activism was centred around nuclear disarmament and local cuts to services. I am a supporter of Extinction Rebellion and have been to London to join them on several occasions.

I have had a variety of jobs rather than a career including working as a barmaid, cleaner and waitress before going to college as a mature student to study animation. I then worked in the conferencing industry for several years before leaving to become a foster carer and a gardener.

I live quite near Sizewell B nuclear power station in Suffolk and I am a member of a local campaign against Sizewell C. I am very interested in the issues around energy production and consumption, and I have recently been appointed as a non elected member of my town council climate change committee.

As an opponent of nuclear power I have participated in 4 stages of the public consultation against Sizewell C. This involves researching and writing up detailed evidence and arguments, and I hope to bring these skills to Green Party Women.

I am particularly excited about the recent GPW plan to focus on women in the criminal justice system, because I believe that, especially as climate change impacts women disproportionately in comparison to men, there will be a growing need to understand the effect it has on all our lives. I don’t have many hobbies per se, though I like having a go at fixing things and making things including building an extension, a shed, a computer and fixing things like washing machines and the plumbing. And I do spend far too many hours on facebook.

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