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Candidates Answers to Hustings Q8: Literature Inspiration:

Literature Inspiration

GPW are about to launch their Book Club (20:00, last Wednesday every month). Our first book is by the Barrister and Eco-activist , Polly Higgins "Dare to be Great".

Which book should be next on the GPW reading list and why?

8. Shahrar Ali   

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. This is a book which I use for teaching environmental ethics and it’s a great example of a deep green approach to nature, in which species have value in themselves not just in regard to our uses or abuses. Carson is brilliant at calling out devastating farming practices which, apparently, nobody has explicitly consented to as they wreak havoc on our meadows.

8. sian Berry & jonathan bartley     

Sian is a huge fan of the ability of speculative fiction to illustrate issues around human rights and bring new perspectives to the position of women in society, stemming from discovering Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale at a young age. For fictional choices we’d therefore suggest both the Testaments from Margaret Atwood and a novel called The Power by Naomi Alderman, who benefited from Atwood’s mentoring in developing her ideas for the book.

8. Rosie Sexton    

The Spirit Level, by Kate Pickett and Richard G Wilkinson. A clear and compelling overview of the impact that inequality has on society, and how it harms everyone - even those at the top.

8. Andrea Carey Fuller 

Why I'm no longer talking to White people about Race - Reni Eddo-Lodge - we need to explore the links between structural racism and feminism to support BAME Green Party Women to lead on Women of colour's issues within our GPW agenda.

The Well Gardened Mind - Rediscovering Nature in the Modern World - Sue Stuart-Smith - How gardens can put us back in touch with the 'fundamental aspects of life.'

8. Amelia Womack    

Dare to be Great is on my reading list too as my early political background is in campaigning to end ecocide and when I met Polly Higgins she was one of the most inspiring people that I have had the pleasure to speak to.

I really enjoyed “Why Women Will Save the Planet”, which is a collection of essays on feminism and the environment. There’s even a chapter by Caroline Lucas.

8. cleo Lake 


Reni Eddo-Lodge because I have heard so many great things about the book which has been somewhat of game-changer for people of all backgrounds in terms of aiding understanding of anti-Black racism. We need to have empathy and understanding about all major issues of the day and that includes Black Lives Matter. Some of us need to educate ourselves on what anti-racism needs to look like and how best to be an ally in 2020. 

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