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Candidates Answers to Hustings Q7 : Party Governance & Leadership

Party Governance & Leadership Given the high turnover of GPRC/GPEx roles, there are concerns some party members are standing for high-level positions with poor grasp of role expectations and often stand down. Some roles wield more power with less accountability which was addressed in the holistic review, however it’s implementation has been consistently delayed. Will […]

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Candidates Answers to Hustings Q6: Political discourse:

Political discourse Are ‘the left’ becoming more authoritarian? Using techniques such as ‘no platforming’, ‘no debate’, ‘cancel culture’, demonetizing/de-funding and employment/contract termination. Has the left has become more intolerant over the past few years, and do these techniques improve political discourse? 6. shahrar Ali        100 wc Unfortunately, authoritarianism has afflicted movements across […]

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Candidates Answers to Hustings Question 4: Domestic Workers

Domestic Workers 80% of worldwide domestic employees are women and many of whom are on irregular or informal contracts, have been severely affected by the pandemic. Despite being “at the frontlines” of COVID-19, they are rarely part of COVID-19 response plans. This is especially pronounced for women of colour, migrant women, disabled women and working […]

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Candidates Answers to Hustings Q3: Triple Whammy

Triple whammy Women in the UK are more materially impacted due to Brexit, austerity, and the pandemic. This has had an impact on their work and career situation, economic situation, opportunities, caring responsibilities, access to justice and education, health care access and provision and much more. This is especially pronounced for women of colour, migrant […]

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Candidate Answers to Hustings Q2: Rape

Rape  Recent research has shown that rape prosecution rates are extremely low, with The Victims Commissioner for England and Wales – Vera Baird recently pointing to a “catastrophic” decline in rape prosecutions, and warning that we are facing ‘the decriminalisation of rape’. This would also lead to more rapes, due to men feeling they can […]

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Candidates Answers to Hustings Q1 Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence In September 2019, domestic murders reached a very worrying 5 year high. The pandemic has made the situation even worse. During the first month after the lockdown began in late March, sixteen women and girls were killed in suspected domestic homicides — more than triple the number from the same period in 2019. […]

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