Open letter to GPEX regarding Sexual Harassment in the Green Party

Dear Members of GPEX, GPRC & The Leaders of the Green Party


Emergency Motion G03, Sexual Harassment/Abuse/Assault Within the Party was not debated at Conference.  This has highlighted what many of us, particularly in Green Party Women, already know of the pressures that women and those perceived female face daily due to unwanted attention, inappropriate behaviour, harassment and in some cases sexual abuse and assault.

Some would like to think that this kind of behaviour does not happen in our Party, especially from people we regard as colleagues.  But over the years, there have been allegations of improper conduct that Party procedures have failed to deal with swiftly or to the satisfaction of the complainants.

We are gravely concerned that the repeated failure to address allegations of sexual harassment leads to a lack of trust and is detrimental to all members.

We are pleased to learn that Chairs of GPEx and GPRC have been in discussion with the Chief Executive and that a process is being put in place to investigate the issue of sexual harassment in the Green Party.  We are also pleased that Green Party Women will be involved in this work.  However, we seek urgent reassurance that this will not be kicked into the long grass or become an unduly extended process, as many of our members feel has happened in the past.

Every passing day puts more women in harm’s way and we request your confirmation that the process will:

  • treat allegations of sexual harassment with the utmost seriousness and urgency
  • address failures in the past to protect our members
  • create a template pathway for what a woman can do if sexually harassed or assaulted in a Green Party context
  • immediately implement any recommendations already provided to the party

We look forward to hearing from you.


The Committee of Green Party Women

Ani Stafford-Townsend     Tina Rothery Co-Chairs

Alex Geddis & Julia Lagoutte Secretary

Nicola Watson Treasurer

Elise Benjamin Membership

Mandy Vere Non-portfolio

Meg Shepherd-Foster & Natalia Kubica     – ” –

Lucy Watson     – ” –


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